NetCon by Fenske4U

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If you are on many locations with your laptop and must often connect to different IP networks you know the problem. The configuration of the IP interfaces of your computer with the Windows included tools is very intricate and not much convenient. For simplifying these configurations NetCon is made.


All nessessary settings to configure the IP connections of your computer you can make in one, self-actualizing program window. The configuration data are automatically stored in profiles, which are joined in groups. The NetCon window can be reduced to the title bar, or minimized to a tray icon. With a right click on the tray icon you will get a context menu, wherefrom you can control the main functions of the program. Furthermore it is possible to set the NetCon window AlwaysOnTop.


NetCon needs the Microsoft Framework .NET 2.0 (available on the download page). You might have to use MSInstaller 3.0 (available on the download page). 
Fenske4U urgently wants feedback by NetCon-users. There are surely things to be improved.